Effective Leadership in Succession Planning

Airedale Enterprise
19 May 20

Designed to assist owners of small and medium-sized organisations and family businesses to...

The course

Our Effective Leadership and Business Succession Planning Workshop have two aims: 

  • To assist owners of small and medium-sized organisations and family businesses to plan for ownership and management succession, an exit strategy., retirement or possibly MBO.
  • To enable them to understand and adopt the five key leadership qualities which set them apart from other business owners and managers so they can maximise and develop talent within the organisation for succession planning purposes.   

Highly participative, the day assists you to examine your business in relation to its perceived future financial and economic worth, how to deal with the competing interests of family members, how to lead the team and develop the right kind of talent to sustain and grow the business. We will uncover vital thorny issues to help you create a ‘best option’ financial and personal succession plan.

Who should attend

Owners of small to medium-sized companies and the heads of family businesses, who would welcome key tips on effective leadership and how to identify successors, forward plan and organise their exit goals to safeguard their financial security.

What to expect

What will you learn?

The workshop aims to provide you with:

  • Identify your key people.
  • The difference between a leader and a manager.
  • Leadership/managerial styles in different sizes and types of business.
  • How to develop and use five key leadership qualities. 
  • How a good leader develops their own people.
  • Highly relevant and useful financial information related to selling a business, planning for retirement or MBO activities. 
  • Perceived criteria for purchase.
  • Taxation and capital gains regulations regarding the sale of a business.
  • Obstacles and benefits of business succession planning. 
  • Stages of successful business planning for exit. 
  • Identifying and developing existing key employees.
  • The methodology of soucing and recruiting for succession.

The outcome

After the session you will be able to:

  • Use the Succession Planning Work Sheets provided to create a “best option” succession plan for your business
  • Understand the financial advantages, constraints and rules that govern selling a going concern
  • Evaluate the capabilities of current employees/family members regarding their future potential to manage/run the business

You will understand and be able to put into action the five key qualities of an effective leader.

Next available date:

  • 30th July
  • 23rd September 
  • 25th November 


Trainer Sue Hanson

Sue Hanson is our HR Professional with broad experience across private, public and professional sectors. Self employed since 2002, Sue has worked with a wide range of companies, from multinationals to local family businesses, helping them with strategic business and succession planning, restructures, organisational development and the recruitment of key people to support and grow their business. She is a Fellow of the CIPD and a member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Additional Info

The Course will run from 9.30am – 4.30pm. Includes lunch and refreshments.