Essential HR for Leaders

Airedale Enterprise Services
24 September 2019

Providing HR knowledge and facts based around the backdrop of employment law and best practice

The course

Our essential HR for Leaders workshop is aimed at anyone wanting an overview of different aspects of HR. 

This workshop will provide HR knowledge and facts based around the backdrop of employment law and best practice.

The session will be practical, looking at real life examples and case studies.  

Who should attend

The workshop is an introduction to HR and is aimed at new managers/supervisors/team leaders who have a team and manage people.

Or you may be a manager who is looking for an update/refresher. Or you may have been given responsibility for HR and are not sure where to start.

What to expect

  • Overview of the employment law backdrop
  • Understand the benefits of different ways of recruiting
  • Practice writing questions for interviews
  • Write a contract of employment
  • Understand different aspects of contracts of employment 
  • Learn about minimum wage
  • Understand about WTD (working time directive) in relation to hours of work/holidays 
  • Understand the ACAS code on discipline and grievance and the key steps
  • Practice running a disciplinary meeting 
  • Recognise different aspects of absence management and the benefits 
  • Look at ways of dealing with short term and long term absence using case studies.

    The outcome

    You will:

    • Be equipped with further knowledge of HR and employment law
    • Understand how to write a contract of employment 
    • Have a bank of interview questions
    • Have learned how to run a disciplinary in line with ACAS code
    • Have learned how to deal with employee absence legally, fairly and proactively. 

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    Trainer Sarah Seastron

    Sarah is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, Sarah is armed with experience gained at a financial services company. Keen to develop her individualistic flair for people management, the scope of Sarah’s skills has stood her in good stead as she has helped business owners and managers to handle their personnel better. Sarah’s clients are drawn to her calm and supremely competent approach. Sarah’s perceptive nature means she can quickly get the measure of each business to understand its values and improve workforce relations.

    Additional Info

    The Course will run from 10am – 4.00pm. Includes lunch and refreshments.