Excel Intermediate

Airedale Enterprise
28 Nov 19

Develop your skills further to deal with more complex spreadsheets


Our “Excel Intermediate” training workshop, is a practical session giving you the opportunity to develop your skills further to deal with more complex spreadsheets.


The course is aimed at those who have undertaken the Excel Basics course, or who have an equivalent knowledge of Excel. You may be employed, or be looking for work, and need to improve and extend your Microsoft Excel skills. Anyone who is going to be using Excel at home is also welcome.


The workshop will aim to provide you with an understanding of more advanced spreadsheet concepts and will provide practical experience of dealing with data and formulae in newly created or existing spreadsheets.

  • Working with multiple worksheets or workbooks
  • Linking data across worksheets or workbooks
  • Formatting options, including conditional formatting
  • Using the Find and Replace tool
  • Using data entry forms 
  • Formulae and absolute/relative cell references
  • An introduction to functions, e.g “IF, “AVERAGE”, “COUNT” etc
  • Producing graphs and charts from sets of data
  • Saving a standard layout as a template
  • Protecting a spreadsheet (Creating a password or applying “read only”)
  • Advanced printing options, including hiding rows and/or columns; adding headers and footers and other automatic information.


After the session you will be able to:

  • Deal with multiple worksheets/workbooks, including linking data
  • Use more advanced formatting techniques 
  • Use a variety of methods to ensure data is input correctly and cannot be changed if necessary
  • Make calculations using more complex formulae and functions
  • Produce charts and graphs from sets of data
  • Use templates and protection for saving your own spreadsheet design
  • Personalise printouts to include specific information.


Laptops will be provided however if you wish to bring your own then please ensure that you have a full copy of Excel 2007 or 2010. All work will be saved to a memory stick so that you can use at a later date.

Trainer Ali Afgan

Ali has a background in Computing/ IT and is a qualified Software Engineer (BEng). He has been a professional IT trainer/ lecturer since 2012 and has a wealth of experience. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and aiding individuals to develop further.

Additional Info

Funding of 40% (European Social Fund) may be available towards the cost of the course through *The Skills Service please email Wendy or call 01535 607775 to check eligibility criteria.