Noreen Taylor

Monitoring Officer - Keighley CLLD

Noreen Taylor

Noreen has over 2 decades of community development and youth work experience both locally and globally. Noreen finished college with a Leisure and Tourism diploma, she then went onto working for RBS for a number of years, whilst working she was also actively volunteering setting up groups for underprivileged communities such as the future fusion group, she was head hunted for primary care trust work. During this time Noreen went onto becoming a qualified youth worker, independent advocate and international educator for non formal education.

She was the co founder of Global Hands Leicester CIC which supports UK communities and young people develop skills and accreditation by working and living abroad. Noreen was an active board member for ICCJ (international council for Christians and Jews), she helped develop the the young leadership Council (YLC) so that young people around the globe can meet and work on methods to support religious harmony.

Noreen worked with the Leeds Teaching Hospital, supporting junior doctors by delivering safety training by patients so they can better understand the gaps in communication and reduce the number of errors in practice, this work then went onto being featured in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), so that others can implement similar best practice methods.

Outside of work Noreen enjoys spending time with family, she enjoys arts and craft activities and painting. She has always had a passion for travel and has been lucky to work and travel all around the world from working in Casgem in Ankara to developing active citizens programmer pilots projects in Armenia.

Noreen worked for a number of organisations across the globe developing best practices and developing the common assessment framework, which many countries in Europe are not aware of and have a passion of learning about the NEETS not in Employment Education and Training framework and also learning how we in the UK incorporate non formal education into accredited learning such as the apprenticeships scheme, NVQ national vocational qualifications and OCN, open college network.