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Airedale Enterprise has teamed up with one of the largest pension providers in the country to offer you and your employees a Free introductory session on how you can restructure your pension to save money for you the employer & your employees.

Our pension experts work with 25,000 employers and over 2,500 accountants across the country, reviewing existing company pension schemes and look at things like salary sacrifice schemes which can reduce the national insurance contributions for the company and employees.

No matter what size your business is, we all want to save money and be more efficient therefore by reviewing your current pension obligations could be an easy way of reducing your spend and reducing the amount of tax your employees have to pay.

** Sign up today and let locally based financial experts help you grow your business **

* one to one confidential advice on pensions
* keep your employees engaged
* happier staff = better productivity
* take away the pension headache by getting the right financial advice

Financial experts will work with employers to provide employee benefits, pension and investment planning with no initial upfront fees. This is a fantastic benefit to provide to employees as it allows them access to financial advice without any financial barriers. Methods such as cash flow modelling allows employees to plan for their future whilst removing any of the usual stress that comes with financial planning.

Cash flow modelling visually indicates how much will be needed for an employee to retire when they want to whilst also ensuring that what they have in place is working towards this objective.

Get in touch by email to book a free (no obligation) introductory session led by one of our locally based financial advisers.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain no matter the size of your business or where you are based.

Please email and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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