Why do a third of Start-Up Businesses fail within 1 year?

Airedale Enterprise Services

Good business advice plays a major role in the success of a new business.

Business Planning gets you asking the right questions about your idea.

Our Start-up advice includes the need for and content of the business plan and cash flow forecast, what they should contain, and where the emphasis should be.

We help you consider the aspects of financing your venture. Is funding available? Is a start-up loan appropriate, what is available and how do I apply?

Our business advisers have real experience of business ownership, company direction and senior management roles. We apply a no nonsense, common sense approach which is understandable and most importantly effective.

We tailor support to suit you.

We offer ‘the review’ where we take you through the fundamentals, exploring your idea and the key ingredients needed to make it a success.

Business plan review and mentoring form additional levels of support where needed.

  • What is your Business idea?
  • What are your objectives?
  • Do you have the right skills and expertise to run the business?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Getting the price right!
  • Selling skills!
  • Marketing – what’s your plan?
  • How will you finance the business? Self-finance, Loans, Grants
  • Who will be involved?
  • Success!

With advice from our experts we can guide you through the business planning process allowing you time to concentrate fully on achieving business success!

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