Email Marketing Masterclass

Blue Sky SEO Marketing Agency
04 Sep 24

Stay engaged with your contacts and automate!

Email Marketing Masterclass

The course

Master email marketing with an email platform, set up campaigns, create lead magnets, and automate email sequences effortlessly.

What to expect?

Understanding Email Marketing
Learning how to use email campaigns to promote products or services and engage with customers effectively.

Creating Lead Magnets
Developing valuable content or offers to attract potential customers and capture their contact information.

Planning Email Sequences
Planning Email Sequences: Designing a series of automated emails to nurture leads and guide them through the sales funnel.

Setting Up A Mailerlite Account
Registering for the email marketing platform MailerLite to manage and send email campaigns.

Designing Email Templates
Creating reusable layouts for emails to ensure consistent branding and professional appearance in email campaigns.

Automating Email Campaigns
Setting up automated workflows to send emails based on specific triggers or schedules, saving time and ensuring timely communication.

Measuring Email Marketing Performance
Analysing metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to assess the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Is it for you?

Company directors, sales, marketing and customer services staff, self-employed and startups looking to creating their own web presence.

Often the web presence of a company is created and managed by an external agency or an internal team. Directors and staff often have very little understanding of what’s involved to make the phone ring, how orders and enquiries come in, or what the marketing team or agency actually do to maintain the presence and drive traffic to the website.

To maximise sales, appreciate the budgetary requirements and overcome internal issues between departments, a good understanding of how everything fits together is essential.

This day long course will take you behind the scenes of WordPress, reveal some of the tools required to make elements and functions of a website work and have your questions answered.

The outcome?

The business can effectively reach and engage customers, capture leads, nurture them through automated sequences, streamline campaign management, maintain brand consistency, save time through automation, and optimise strategies for maximum performance and growth.

It will also make the business less reliant on social media algorithm changes and give an opportunity to be more targeted in its campaigns.

The trainer

David of Blue Sky Marketing AgencyDavid Robertson of Blue Sky SEO Marketing is a specialist working for all kinds of businesses, building websites, Google Business Profiles, email campaigns, videos, social media, sending press releases and creating SEO rich content.

With over 30 years experience of marketing, he’s worked with many marketing agencies and a has a long track record of success in many sectors, including projects with local authorities and other public sector organisations.

He is Google Analytics & Ads Certified and SFEDI Business Consultant Accredited via the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative.


“I got David to start an seo campaign for me and what can I say !!!! The man is fantastic at what he does and he’s quick!!!  5 star work would recommend.”

“Extremely efficient and helpful.  ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ definitely made me feel as though anything is possible and has helped enormously.  Very effective. Thank you David.”

“As a small business owner we spend too much time working in the business and not enough working on the business. As a result our digital presence really needed the health check that David provided. He has great enthusiasm for helping businesses get recognised and his specialised knowledge means he has the tools to help your business fly.”

Marketing Masterclass Series, 9.30am to 4pm

Airedale Enterprise, Sunderland Street, Worth Way, Keighley, West Yorkshire. BD21 5LE

£195 + vat per masterclass, or 10% off for two or 20% off for three or four classes, paid in advance.

Email Wendy Spencer of Airedale Enterprise via, tel 01535 607775

Your own lunch and a laptop so you can access the wifi and receive advice on your own web presence at the end of the session (not essential).

Trainer David Robertson

Blue Sky SEO Marketing Agency

Additional Info

A full day of industry secrets, insights and tips!

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