Resilience In The Workplace Programme

Jodi Anne Law
14 Oct 24

Resilience In The Workplace Programme

Dates of the two courses available
Monday 16th September 2024
Monday 14th October 2024

The course



  • Better client and colleague interaction
  • Better decision-making
  • Remain calm in challenging situations


  • Increases focus & attention
  • Increase level of awareness
  • Improves memory
  • Enhances creativity and out of the box thinking
  • Improves retention rates


  • Increases ability to identify, understand, use and manage emotions
  • Increases empathy
  • Builds self-confident leaders
  • Builds resilience
  • Increases happiness
  • Increases optimism

What to expect?


  1. Stress – Understand how stress affects your body, how it affects your health, and how it affects the rest of your life.
  2. Awareness of Our Many Parts – Understand the why behind the monkey mind; becoming aware of your many parts and of your thoughts.
  3. Beliefs – Understand how beliefs are created; understand what a belief is and become aware of your feelings.
  4. Emotions and Story – Understand that emotions are the messenger; that story keeps us at a certain frequency; introduction to Law of Attraction and become aware of what you are saying.
  5. The Grace Method – Experience The Grace Method.
  6. Other People/ Empathy – Understanding Law of Attraction and frequency; tapping into your infinite potential.

It also includes practical take home tips of grounding, energy medicine exercises and mindfulness tools to reduce stress and increase resilience.

Is it for you?

Wholistic Wellness for company directors, senior management and HR Managers to create resilience and productivity for their workforce.

The outcome

  • Build more confident leaders.
  • Help refine company handbook and individual policies.
  • Increase awareness for management and staff of mental health issues.
  • Increase staff retention, increases productivity, saving time and money.

The trainer

Jodi Anne Law, energy medicine healerNative of Australia and a qualified cardiac nurse, Jodi Anne Law now lives in Manchester, England.

She consults all over the world as a Transformational Energy Medicine Practitioner and a speaker on energy healing and how to move beyond stress to help transform the lives of men, women and consequently their children. She also runs workshops and retreats, with much of her work done online.

She is a best-selling author of ‘Ignite Your Parenting’, a collaborative story of parents taking ownership of their lives and stepping into freedom, authentic love and meaningful connection.

Her work as a therapist

Intuition and energy flows are at the core of everything she does. She’s able to ‘feel’ hidden emotions, sense energy blockages and connect on a deep, spiritual level.

Jodi works with the mind, body and soul to empower you to feel comfortable with what’s going on inside so you can begin to heal yourself and become the ultimate you. Certifications are numerous.

Her work as a clinician

She has spent the last 30 years working in acute health care as a Specialist Cardiac Nurse with a vast array of qualifications. Qualifications and courses include:

  • Bachelor of Science (Nursing) Post-Graduate Intensive Care.
  • Advanced Life Support Provider Course.
  • Conscious Sedation Course.
  • Mental Health First Aider In The Workplace.

It is the combination of healing the physical heart as a clinician and emotional heart of a person that enables her to provide a truly holistic approach.


“I learnt so much from a day with Jodi that really helped me in life generally. I can’t thank her enough.”
AN, Manchester

“Not only is Jodi really passionate about what she does, but she also has the ability to make difficult concepts simple.”
MH, Manchester

“I have found your course invaluable. It has really helped me.” 
Nita, Didsbury

“Meeting other people committed to exploring themselves in this way was so uplifting and insightful. I felt really comfortable and supported and would recommend it to anyone who is sick of recurring habits in their life they were sick of doing the first 20 times and now wants to do something about it.” 
Betty, Belgium

Contact Details

Trainer Jodi Law

She is a highly trained, certified energy medicine practitioner and energy healer, senior cardiac nurse and provide an holistic approach to activate the body’s subtle energy systems to heal itself.

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