New investment into Bradford to help grow the social economy and tackle inequality

Airedale Enterprise

We’d like to share some wonderful news. For the last few months, 30 Chapel Street has led the development of a bid to secure investment into Bradford to tackle inequality and grow our social economy.

We’re very pleased to announce that along with our nine partners in the Bradford Social Innovation Lab (BSIL), the city has been successful in securing a significant share of a £33m investment programme from Local Access and Big Society Capital.

The Partnership included social entrepreneurs, public, private, community and social economy support organisations with deep expertise in place-based working: 30 Chapel Street; Airedale Enterprise Services Bradford City Council; Inspired Neighbourhoods; Key Fund; Locality; On Track Social; Participate; PwC.

These funds will help our city tackle inequalities by boosting social innovation and the social economy.

We’re really excited about the possibilities this opens for Bradford and hope to become the UK’s capital for social enterprise.

You can find out more by downloading our press release. Do get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about what happens next.

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