ISO 14001

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Achieving a balance between the environment, society and the economy is considered essential to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

This has led organisations to adopt a systematic approach to environmental management by implementing environmental management systems with the aim of contributing to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

The purpose of ISO 14001 is to provide organisations with a framework to protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions in balance with socio-economic needs. It specifies requirements that enable an organisation to achieve the intended outcomes it sets for its environmental management system.

Key Benefits:

  • Manage environmental impacts effectively

  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation

  • Reduce waste and prevent pollution

  • Minimise energy and resource usage, reducing operating costs

  • Continually improve the environmental performance

  • Reduce the risk of penalties and avoids litigation

  • Increase stakeholder confidence

  • Improve employee morale

  • Deliver new business opportunities with environmentally aware customers

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