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SME’s in the manufacturing, services and construction supply chains are increasingly being expected to be accredited to the ISO 9001 quality system or are considering its implementation for other commercial reasons.

The advantages of ISO Accreditation:

Competitive edge – even in situations or industries where ISO 9001 Accreditation is not a contractual requirement or expectation it can set you apart from the competition

Best practice – ISO 9001 can improve process and service quality, increase customer satisfaction levels and improve productivity

Easy integration – the implementation of ISO 9001 makes it simpler to develop a single management system to meet the requirements of other standards including those for Environmental and Health & Safety, saving on duplication and cutting down those costs

Taking care of your organisations future

We deliver ISO workshops, in-house training and consultancy aimed at assisting SMEs primarily in the North of England to support their current and projected business objectives by enhancing the Quality Management System (QMS) skills of their key personnel.

Participants will be able to apply a systematic approach to the implementation or further development of an ISO 9001 compliant system within their organisations and will gain an understanding of how that can have a positive impact on business competitiveness.

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